Teen Gym - 13 - 17 Years

Teen Gym is a fun and non-competitive environment for teens to learn some exciting gymnastics skills. The program will be adapted to meet the needs of those attending and what they want to learn and develop. This class will be suitable for teens with no previous gymnastics experience or for those with a gym background who would like to learn specific skills (saltos, tumbling, trampoline work) or apparatus. If your teen has visited one of the new trampoline parks and wants to learn how to execute gymnastics skills safely, this is the class to attend. With gymnastics skills transferrable to many sports such as skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding and parkour, this class will provide the opportunity for gymnasts to learn the basics of gymnastics movement.
Teen Gym is run on a Friday night from 6.30pm - 7.30pm. Email us to enrol your child.