Adult Gymnastics Classes

Tuesday and Thursday 8.00pm - 9.30pm at our Dacre Street gym

Adult Gymnastics for 2024 will resume on Tuesday 09 and Thursday 11 January 2024 at the Dacre Street gym. Bookings are no longer required for Adult Gymnastics, just turn up on the night and pay your casual fee or have your card stamped. Payments are accepted via EFTPOS only, no cash payments accepted.
If you are looking for an alternative way to improve your fitness, strength, flexibility and agility, come along to adult gymnastics with Gungahlin Gymnastics. You are welcome to attend 3 classes at the casual rate of $22.00 (payable on arrival) however from your 4th class you must purchase a ten class pass that you can use across the whole year for $180.00. No bookings are required, just turn up on a Tuesday or Thursday night for an 8pm start. The class concludes at 9.30pm. Adult gym continues through the April, July and September school holiday breaks.

What does the class involve?
Our adult gym class will be structured to enable you to develop your fitness and strength while learning basic gymnastics skills on various apparatus. The class will start with a gymnastics based warm-up before moving to specific skill development on apparatus.

After the warmup the class will be structured into two sections. Initially all attendees will work through a series of stations on floor to learn general basics that will improve your fitness and strength and the coach will guide you through the development of each skill. The coach will demonstrate and explain how each skill works to ensure you are executing the skill correctly and in a safe manner.

If you have a goal of learning a certain skill such as a handstand, cartwheel or somersault or even just want to learn to jump on the trampoline, you can do this in the second section of the class. This time will be like “free play” where you can try out different apparatus or you can let the coach know a specific skill you want to learn and they will help you setup a station to work on it. The coach will also be able to give you specific strength and conditioning exercises to do if you are keen to build your general strength. If you have done gymnastics before and want to rekindle some skills, please let the coach know what you plan to work on and if you need any assistance so they can ensure you are executing skills safely.

Don’t be worried if you are unfit or out of shape, gymnastics is a fantastic sport to build fitness, strength and flexibility slowly and the coach will assist you by explaining the starter options for each skill to ensure you can participate at your level. We have men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels and abilities attend the class and everyone is welcome.

Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes early so that you can fill in paperwork and pay the class fees. Payment can be made via EFTPOS only, no cash or cheques are accepted.

Gymnastics is a very active sport so you need clothes that will allow you to move freely. For women we recommend normal gym clothing such as tights and a singlet top / t-shirt. For men, shorts and t-shirt / singlet are suitable. Bring a drink bottle along and a towel if you get sweaty.